New opportunities for strong partners

Efficiency is becoming increasingly important in challenging market environments. FACC is therefore currently implementing a number of initiatives to further improve the competitiveness of its products and services in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. One such initiative is the COMPETE partner program, which was launched in February 2021. It is aimed at FACC suppliers, and offers a range of fresh opportunities for all parties involved.

More than 400 companies supply FACC with various products and services. FACC has always held its partners to the highest standards in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. With COMPETE, the group now wishes to further promote fair competition within its supply chain and give preference to partners with a consistently strong performance. To this end, COMPETE has defined seven core objectives according to which FACC evaluates its suppliers and thus provides them with clear orientation. This is intended to help them grow within FACC‘s supply chain. In total, a purchasing volume of approximately EUR 75 million is to be redistributed and the number of suppliers reduced within the scope of COMPETE by 2023. For FACC‘s partner companies, the program will give them the opportunity to challenge competitors on the basis of transparent criteria, and to grow in a stagnating market through larger volumes.

OO Andreas Ockel is responsible for COMPETE at management level: “Besides quality and delivery reliability, the program is primarily about cost efficiency and competitive pricing. For this reason, we also demand that our suppliers be fully transparent in their calculations – with the aim of reducing costs for our mutual customers.”

In return, COMPETE partner companies stand to benefit from long-term and fair cooperation with FACC, but above all from sustainable joint further development. FACC actively supports its partners on this path, for instance through joint cost analyses, on the basis of which savings potential without margin losses can be identified. This creates a true win-win situation.

Within the framework of COMPETE, in addition to competitive costs, FACC continues to demand delivery reliability, high quality, operational excellence, productivity, a willingness to innovate, passion for the aerospace industry and responsible action towards society and the environment. With regard to the latter, FACC is setting a good example: The company is already sourcing electricity exclusively from renewable sources, it relies on environmentally friendly logistics and is gradually converting its production to climate neutrality.

COMPETE was introduced at FACC‘s Supplier Conference at the end of February 2021. The feedback was positive throughout, and the program has since gained considerable momentum – impressive proof that COMPETE offers FACC‘s suppliers an attractive and fair deal, and provides for fresh impetus in a stagnating market.