News 2019

New orders

FACC aims to be represented with components on board every modern aircraft – this will remain a central goal of its corporate strategy in the future. New orders with a total volume of USD 800 million have once again brought FACC closer to reaching this target in 2019.

Increased market share in the A320neo

The A320neo is one of the most successful products of the Airbus group. More than 1,000 aircraft of this aircraft family have been delivered since 2012. FACC is set to increase its share in this success story in the future as, in addition to Cabin Interiors and Aerostructures parts, FACC will also be manufacturing engine cowls for the A320neo. FACC received the order from Bombardier. The company manufactures the jet in cooperation with Airbus. The new order with a volume of several million US dollars further expands FACC’s customer and product portfolio along with its market share in this platform.

Collins Aerospace: cooperation extended

FACC has been supplying the US engine manufacturer Collins Aerospace with translating sleeves for the engine programs of Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 XWB since 2005. Since then, modules for approximately 1,400 aircraft have rolled off the production line. In September 2019, this cooperation was extended for another ten years. The robust lightweight components are manufactured at the highly automated FACC plant in Reichersberg.

Bombardier orders radomes from FACC

FACC was commissioned to produce so-called radomes for various aircraft programs of Bombardier Aerospace, including the Airbus A220, in late August 2019. Radomes protect the radar antenna, which is located in the aircraft nose cone, from external influences. They are required to fulfill strict requirements such as high stability, low weight and minimal attenuation of the signals sent and received by the antenna.