Profitable growth on solid foundations

The main objective of FACC’s strategy is sustainable and profitable growth. FACC pursues this goal by focusing on three pillars designed to consolidate its strong market position in the long term.

Innovation & customer benefit

Shaping the future with innovation

FACC’s long-standing economic success is largely the result of its great innovative strength and the passionate commitment of its employees. On this basis, the company has earned itself an excellent reputation with customers and partners over the past three decades. FACC stands for quality, efficiency, reliability and best-in-class solutions.

In order to maintain its strong position in a turbulent market environment, FACC is committed to continuous further development. Being open to new ideas, lifelong learning and a forward-looking approach are among the key elements of FACC’s corporate culture. Since change processes within the aerospace industry are gathering pace, only players who react quickly and flexibly to new market trends will profit from the positive developments within the industry. FACC faces these ongoing challenges head-on: Using state-of-the-art technologies and the materials of tomorrow, the company is shaping the mobility of the future in a sustainable and economical manner.

Expertise & stability

Facing a market in motion with agility

In the medium to long term, FACC’s EBIT margin is expected to settle in the region of 8 to 10 percent. The company strives to achieve this goal independent of its sales development. To this end, the company has carefully analyzed its cost structure across all divisions and identified optimization opportunities. The result: Total gross annual savings of EUR 50 million could be achieved across the main cost drivers that are material and purchasing, added value and fixed costs.

Under the title F.A.C.T. (FACC Over-all Cost Transformation), FACC subsequently introduced specific measures and initiatives – including the optimization of production areas and production management.

A substantial part of these strategic measures consists of the integration of previously outsourced processes and products into the value chain of FACC. By introducing highly automated and scalable systems, the company wishes to create even more added value, become more flexible and prevent supply chain risks in the future. At the same time, new products – especially those for the growing business jet segment – are to be introduced onto the market.

Ultimately, increased efficiency and deepened value creation should not only result in greater profitability: FACC also wishes to ensure the agility that it requires for ongoing innovations in a market that is itself constantly in motion.

Growth & diversification

Full thrust for new growth

With the planned construction of a new high-tech composite plant in Croatia, FACC is taking an important step in its organic growth strategy. Cutting-edge technology, automation and Industry 4.0 are set to become reality in Jakovlje in the coming years. The plant will contribute to increasing the earning power of FACC, thereby also strengthening the importance of its Austrian locations.

FACC is planning to invest up to a total of EUR 60 million in the construction of its new production plant near Zagreb. On an area of approximately 12,200 square meters, up to 600 highly qualified employees will manufacture lightweight components for passenger cabins of commercial aircraft and business jets. With the establishment of this new plant and the associated increase in its production capacities, FACC is responding to the continuing increase in demand in the global aerospace market. The good availability of technically highly qualified personnel played a decisive role in choosing Croatia as a location. In future, FACC will make significant investments in the further training of its Croatian employees and will also establish a dual training system for aviation professions in cooperation with vocational schools.