Successful with the best minds

The expertise and commitment of FACC’s workforce are the bedrock of the company’s success. The Group continues to develop as an agile organization in order to continuously increase its innovative strength, productivity and efficiency to the benefit of its customers.

This requires being at the cutting edge of current technological developments at all times, or even anticipating these developments. In order to achieve this, FACC fully exploits the creative potential and productivity of its employees and is committed to the dedication, personal closeness, mutual trust and team spirit of its workforce. In addition, special achievements of individual teams are honored with awards, such as the Leonardo Team Award. This not only fosters motivation, but above all creates a special mindset that shapes work at FACC and ties the best minds to the company. Given the increasing competition for talent, this is just as essential as the company’s clear commitment to sustainability, attractive working conditions and targeted employer branding.

Training and further education take center stage

In addition to these aspects of the working climate, the Group offers its employees a wide range of extra-occupational training and further education programs, and also supports their qualification through scholarships. The FACC Academy serves as a central hub for the company’s internal educational offerings, orchestrating a broad variety of training courses on a wide range of topics: from communication and leadership training to cultural awareness training and language courses. In addition to internal and external educational programs, FACC also relies on cooperation with secondary vocational schools, universities and universities of applied sciences. This is another way in which FACC wants to attract the attention of young talents as a potential future employer.

International diversity

The international environment of FACC is also reflected in the Group’s personnel structure. Employees from 47 countries and from all continents are working at the Austrian sites of the company. Moreover, at nearly 30 percent, the share of women in the total workforce is at a very high level compared to other technology companies. The fact that nearly 50 percent of FACC’s apprentices are women is particularly gratifying.

Lean structures for long-lasting success

In order to continue to offer people from all over the world an attractive and secure workplace in the future, FACC adapted its entire organization, significantly streamlined management structures and merged previously separate divisions in 2020 – a program that FACC had actually launched long before the outbreak of the pandemic in order to equip itself for a successful future in a challenging industry. The Group is thus not only securing its profitability in the long term, but also aims to facilitate internal cooperation and increase the sense of responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of the company.