News 2019

Crew: teamwork and employees as a key role

Employee know-how and teamwork play a key role in the search for ever new technological solutions and innovations. FACC supports this with a variety of training programs and awards for special achievements.

Takeoff into the future

FACC presents the Leonardo Team Award each year in recognition of commitment, competence and passion. The prize is awarded to in-house projects that are the product of outstanding teamwork. December 2019 marked the sixth edition of the Leonardo Team Award. The project “Wing of Tomorrow – Lower Cover” was selected as the winner from among a total of 24 submissions. The winning team had successfully developed a novel concept for the highly automated series production of lower covers, which are the main component of a composite wing for the next generation of aircraft. The trophies were awarded at the FACC Christmas party on 7 December in front of approximately 1,300 colleagues. Congratulations!

What do they get up to?

FACC employees produce fan cowls constructed of composites under strictly controlled climatic conditions at Plant 4 in Reichersberg. In the so-called cleanroom, temperature, humidity, air pressure and dust content are closely monitored. FACC experts are required to exercise maximum care and precision when applying carbon layers, adhesive films and honeycomb cores to component molds before these are cured in autoclaves. Only then can it be ensured that the various materials used are seamlessly combined into a single highstrength composite component that is able to withstand the highest loads over a long period of time.

Ivana Tomasevic, 33, with FACC since 2011

“Having a good eye is not enough. A laser helps us to position the individual layers in exactly the right place.”

Katja Weilhartner, 22, with FACC since 2018

“Above all, we must take care to prevent or keep air pockets between layers as small as possible. This is how we ensure that the layers are optimally compacted in the autoclave.”

Marco Delazer, 23, with FACC since 2016

“When positioning the individual layers, you have to remain completely focused at all times. Even the slightest imprecision can result in the part not passing the quality inspection and therefore not being delivered.”

Andreas Sartov, 30, with FACC since 2012

“We manufacture products that have to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Millions of people place their trust in our components every single day. Our work in the cleanroom therefore requires us to take the utmost care.”